Constant Flaws

Specialised Catalogue Constant Plate Flaws (Key Varieties)


Flaws in the individual clichés of the 1890 to 1897 ‘Babyhead’ issues were first recorded by Ceballos (1902) and by Bartels et al (1904); both catalogues documenting two constant flaw varieties that occurred in the 1c de peso issues.

Although since that time there have been articles reporting new flaws, the number reported remain relatively few and there has been no detailed catalogue or descriptions available to aid the collector.

This new catalogue aims for the first time to illustrate the most distinctive and charismatic varieties. It enables the collector to confirm whether the marks on a stamp are merely printing defects or are indeed constant flaws. Where known, the position of a stamp within a sheet is provided which in turn can aid the position of blocks for those wishing to reconstruct a sheet.  The flaws are divided into groups to include ink blots, broken frame lines, letter flaws and scratches.

The catalogue includes some 239 flaws amounting to over 650 varieties that can be identified and collected, expanding and adding interest to any collection of this series of stamps.

The 64-page catalogue is illustrated in colour and is free to download or a soft-bound version printed on premium pages can be ordered directly through the publisher blurb using the links below.
Palmer, M. 2023. Spanish Philippines - Alfonso XIII 1890 to 1897 Specialised Catalogue Constant Plate Flaws (Key Varieties) Printed version : Spanish Philippines - Alfonso XIII 1890 to 1897 Specialised Catalogue
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There are currently no updates to the 2023 catalogue.