La Union Provisionals

Philatelic Souvenir of Peace Jubilee Washington DC May 2-23, 1899

These items were pieces of wallpaper affixed with Spanish Philippine stamps with a two-lined slogan handstamp:


 WASHINGTON, D.C. MAY 23, 24, 25, 1899.”

There are two types of handstamps known.

Type 1: The two-lined handstamp is in a straight line.

Type 2: The two-lined handstamp is in a wavy line.

However, the Type 2 format may just represent a rotation of the Type 1 hand stamp during application.

The handstamp occurs in blue-green/violet or carmine ink

Peterson (PPJ 2008-4) provides an explanation of their origin. On 23 to 25 May 1899, a large, privately-funded celebration, called the Peace Jubilee, was held in Washington, DC, with the stated goal to “celebrate the re-establishment of peace between the United States and Spain.” The Spanish-American War having occurred a year earlier. Thousands of people came to the City from all over the United States, attracted in part, by cut-rate train fares. Hundreds of souvenir vendors and hustlers also descended on the City with their buttons, medals, posters, etc. The three-day event included parades of military, naval, and civilian organizations; gun boat salutes; concerts; patriotic speeches; historical pageants; and a Ball at the Convention Hall. Although funded by private donations, the Governments of Spain and the United States planned to use the event to re-establish diplomatic relations. During the event, the Minister of Spain, Duc D’Arcos, representing King Alfonso XIII, met with President William McKinley at the White House to formally initiate the renewal of diplomatic relations.

Type 1 handstamp in carmine

PJW 1-01: Type 1 handstamp on 2 4/8c dull blue

PJW 1-02: Type 1 handstamp on 10c claret

PJW 1-03: Type 1 handstamp on 12 4/8c orange


Type 1 handstamp in violet-blue

PJW 1-11: Type 1 handstamp on 2 4/8c olive grey


Type 2 handstamp in carmine

PJW 2-01: Type 2 handstamp on 2c claret